Got free time next week? Go on the hunt for BONUS CASH PRIZES on Zodiac Casino!

Promotion Summary
  • Deposit £20 or more on Zodiac Casino between 31 August and 5 September
  • Wager as much as possible on Microgaming slot, “Tally Ho”
  • If you are a top 5 bettor, you’ll earn £100

When it comes to slots, you were born to play. Hours go by like minutes when you’re sat in front of your favourite game. If some casino were to hold an endurance contest, you’d be the odds-on favourite to win!

Well, then – you should take advantage of this. Next week, Zodiac Casino is handing out £100 bonuses to players who bet the most on the slot, Tally Ho. Are you up to the challenge? Scroll below, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

How does this promo work?

Until 5 September, Zodiac Casino is rewarding gamers who put in long hours. Think you can wager everyone else under the table? Every day, you have a shot at £100, if you’re right.

Start by depositing at least £20 on Zodiac. This act will qualify you for the promotion. Then, load up “Tally Ho.” Get comfortable – you’ll be playing this beauty for a LONG while!

After the dust clears each day, the top five bettors will get £100 from Zodiac Casino. Of course, this bonus is on top of any winnings you’ll amass in your marathon session.

Ready to best everyone else? You only have six days to do it – so, get cracking!

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