Liven up your week with live casino rewards from Betway

Promotion Summary
  • Opt in for Betway’s Live Rewards Club from the Promotions tab Monday thru Thursday
  • Deposit a minimum of £20, and wager through it once
  • Receive rewards by making big wagers (£20 or bigger)
  • These rewards include bonus cash, bonus spins, and free sport bets

After a weekend filled with fun, Monday can be a serious letdown. Long commutes, stale work environments, and uninspiring lunches are the exact opposite of thrilling, aren’t they?

While we can’t do anything about your boring job, we can help make your evenings exciting again. Every weekday from Monday to Thursday, Betway’s got something special going on. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll tell you more about it.

How does this promo work?

Every weekday from Monday to Thursday, Betway hosts an ongoing promotion called the Live Rewards Club. Its goal: To incentivise players to wager in their live casino.

Here’s how it works – start by opting-in to the Live Rewards Club via the Promotion tab. Then, deposit at least £20 on Betway. Finally, wager through your deposit once.

Do this, and you’ll qualify for the Live Rewards Club. Once you’re in, you’ll earn prizes by betting on live casino games. For instance, once you cross the £20 threshold, you’ll win a minimum of £1.50. Get to £500, and you’ll receive £4 in bonus cash.

You could win other prizes along the way as well. Bonus spins on Dreamcatcher, and free bets in Betway’s sportsbook are also up for grabs.

Say no to boring weeknights – bring Betway’s live casino into your living room with the Live Rewards Club!

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