The £1,000 welcome: will you be the lucky new player PartyCasino surprises this month?

Promotion Summary
  • Each month, PartyCasino randomly awards a new player £1,000
  • Every £20 of your first deposit will earn you five draw tickets
  • Every £20 of additional deposits during your first calendar month will get you two draw tickets

When was the last time you got paid, just for showing up? While some lazy buggers appear to pull it off everyday, even they go through the motions. No, no – let’s say you’re just hanging out, and then, at random, some guy hands you a cheque worth heaps of Pound Sterling.

That may sound fantastical, but that’s precisely what happens on PartyCasino the first of every month. At random, a new player suddenly becomes £1,000 richer! Looking for a new place to play? Read all about this promo below!

How does this promotion work?

Every month, PartyCasino just GIVES a new player £1,000 as part of their Grand Giveaway promotion. Want to be the next gamer that gets showered in Sterling?

Here’s how to maximise your chances – first, deposit on PartyCasino for the first time. If you already have an account – you don’t qualify… sorry. However, if you don’t, know that every £20 you deposit earns you five draw tickets. In other words, a £100 deposit will net you 25 tickets total.

Step 2: Opt-in. If you don’t, your chances of winning the £1,000 will be EXACTLY zero, so do NOT miss this part.

The third and final step: Make supplemental deposits throughout the month. Every additional £20 you deposit during your first calendar month on PartyCasino gets you two more tickets. If you put 100 extra quid online, you get ten more entries!

PartyCasino holds the draw for each month on the first day of the following one. Play hard, rack up the raffle tickets, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of bagging the dosh. Good luck!

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