Achieve sports betting immortality via the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame

Promotion Summary
  • three categories to compete in
  • endless bragging rights with friends
  • each monthly winner takes home £250

Never got the respect you feel your sports betting friends owe you? Despite picking winners more consistently, they’ve always chalked it up to luck.

Ready to see your name attached to a challenging feat? If so, you’ll want to look into something called the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame. Intrigued? We’ll explain more about what it is below.

How does this promotion work?

Any punter can pick win a game with 2.50 odds on any given Saturday. But, does the average bettor have the stones to make a massive bet, or go after a long shot? These achievements are what the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame is seeking to recognise.

Every month, the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame will immortalise those who make the grade in three categories. They are as follows: (1) The biggest net win, (2) The win with the longest odds, and (3) The largest monthly win with the most selections.

Qualify in any of these categories, and you’ll win £250 in no-strings cash. Withdraw the entire amount and treat the lads to a raucous night out if you wish – it’s up to you. There’s just one important thing to remember: ALL bets must be made via mobile to qualify.

Ready to chase sports betting immortality? We’ll see you on LeoVegas soon!

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