7 is the luckiest number on 777 Live Casino Roulette

Promotion Summary
  • Play on 777’s Live Casino Roulette Table from 7 pm-9 pm GMT & bet a minimum of £7 per round
  • Every time the wheel hits 7, you win £7, regardless of the number/colour of your wager
  • If the wheel hits 7 on consecutive spins, your bonus increases to £77

Roulette is a beautifully simple game. You can play conservatively and win a little at a time, or you can go for the big score. Red or black? Even or odd? Thirds, corners, or straight-up bets? The wagering combinations are endless.

However, despite this game’s relative popularity, it doesn’t get nearly as many promotions as slot games do. 777 stands apart from the crowd, though, as it offers an outstanding daily deal on its live roulette table.

We’ll spill the details below – don’t miss out!

How does this promo work?

Every single day on 777, roulette enthusiasts pack their Live Casino Roulette table from 7 to 9 pm GMT. Why? Because whenever the luckiest number on the wheel hits, EVERYBODY WINS!

By playing for £7/round, you’ll qualify for this fun giveaway. If the wheel hits 7, you’ll get £7 – regardless of your bet! That’s not all, though – if you make a qualifying bet and the ball lands on 7 on consecutive spins, your bonus BALLOONS to £77!

If you don’t have anything to do between 7-9 pm, take advantage of this offer. The more you play, the better your chances of getting lucky!

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