Make triple 7s, reap a blackjack bonanza at 777’s Live Casino Blackjack table

Promotion Summary
  • Take a seat at the 777 Live Casino Blackjack Table
  • Make 21 (blackjack) with three 7s
  • Double your winnings, up to a max of £1,000

As blackjack players, sometimes, it pays to stand. The closer you are to 21, though the better your odds of winning. As such, we chase that magical hand – holding it assures victory.

Usually, no combination of 21 is better than the others – they all add up to the same thing – invincibility. However, 777 Casino has placed one combo of blackjack above the rest. Below, we’ll reveal it, and what you’ll get if you hit.

How does this promo work?

Blackjack is a classic table game. As such, it can be tough to keep things fresh and exciting. However, 777 Casino has done just that.

On its live blackjack table (777 Live Casino Blackjack Table), making 21 with three 7s will earn you a spectacular prize. Pull it off, and you won’t just win at the usual 3:2 payout – 777 Casino will DOUBLE your win!

You could win up to £1,000 extra – that’s enough to pay for a round-trip holiday to Thailand! Or a wild party with your mates! Or a special gift for that special someone!

The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for a new place to play blackjack, make it 777 Casino. After all, who else is paying 4:1 on 7+7+7 blackjacks these days?!

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