Like betting parlays? Give Betway a go this week…

Promotion Summary
  • Opt-in to the Free Bet Club, you only need to do it once
  • Meet the weekly minimum of £25 on multiple bets of 3+ selections
  • The next week you'll receive two £5 for a chance to win even more

Whether you bet on football or horses, there’s nothing like having a few pounds resting on the outcome. It heightens the emotions that make sports so great – as such, it’s always made sense to you.

Besides, if you know your stuff, it’s a great way to make a little pub money!

As fun as single bets are, in betting you have to take risks to make a significant return. That’s why it’s so tempting to bet parlays. While it’s tougher to call the outcome of multiple contests, the resulting payoff can be huge.

Into this form of wagering? We’ve caught wind of a Betway promo that might interest you. Learn all about it below.

How does this promotion work?

Betway knows how thrilling it is to hit the trifecta. That’s why they founded the Free Bet Club – this ongoing promotion rewards bettors with the heart to bet trebles.

Start by opting-in at Free Bet Club section on their website. Then, whenever you bet a treble (minimum £25) and win, you’ll get a £10 free bet. Every week, you’ll have another chance to win, so if you love betting 3-game parlays, this is where you’ll want to be!

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