Fight other slot players for the right to see Fury vs Schwarz in Vegas

Promotion Summary
  • a draw ticket for every 40 points
  • winner is off to Vegas to watch the fight

There’s nothing like a good scrap. As great as football, cricket, and rugby are, there’s something innately primal about a boxing match. Over the years, promoters have held the best ones in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Watching the fight on PPV is good fun, but there is no comparison to seeing it live. When you’re close enough to the action to get sprayed by sweat when a punch lands, you’ll understand.

Don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on this bucket list experience? No problem – PartyPoker Casino has got you covered! Find out how you can win your way to Fury vs Schwarz below the fold.

How does this promotion work?

Until 24 May, PartyPoker Casino is hosting a slots tournament unlike any other. For every 40 points you get (approximately 1,000 USD worth of wagers), you’ll get a draw ticket. The games involved include White King II, Buffalo Blitz, and the Age of Gods slots.

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can get, so play as often as you can. If you win, you’ll get a luxury hotel stay, Cirque de Soleil tickets, as well as VIP fight access.

One last thing: this is an opt-in promotion, so visit the contest page on PartyPoker before getting started. Good luck!

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