KaramGuess set to wrap up for the season – get in on the action before it’s too late!

Promotion Summary
  • A weekly guessing game for football fans
  • Answer correctly and win a £20 risk-free in-play bet

It’s hard to believe, but summer holidays are just around the corner. Soon, we’ll head for the coast or to the hills in search of some much-needed relaxation. However, with this season comes the end of another.

Football will soon wrap up for the summer, and with it, so will Karamguess, Karamba’s most famous contest. If you’re new to this feature, learn more about it below.

What is this promotion all about?

What is KaramGuess? A quiz show of sorts, it poses a series of questions designed to test your football knowledge. Each weekend, Karamba will pose to you four questions with two possible answers. From who will score first to which player will score the match winner, it will force you to think on your feet.

If you guess all four queries correctly, you’ll win a £20 risk-free in-play bet the following weekend. You can only use this wager while a game is in progress (e.g. winner of the first half).

Time is running short, so get in your guesses while you still can!

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