Against all odds: Get the sports betting price you want with LeoAlerts

Promotion Summary
  • Select your betting market of interest
  • Set up an alert that notifies you when the odds shift in your favour
  • Place a wager at the price of your choosing

Sports betting sites never seem to have the odds you want. To make money, you have to bet an ungodly amount and hope the underdog doesn’t pull off an upset. Betting sites will occasionally post loose odds – but, for some reason, you’re never around when they do.

What if there was a way to know when the odds were most in your favour? Thanks to LeoAlerts – there now is! Come below the fold with us, and we’ll tell you all about this new notification system.

How does this promo work?

Hate missing out on stuff? We all do. As a sports bettor, we’re always after the best odds. However, most of us lead busy lives – we don’t have the time to watch betting lines obsessively.

LeoAlerts has taken the hassle out of getting the best sports betting price. Here’s how it works: Start by downloading the LeoAlerts app from the Play Store (or for Android users). Then, select the contest that has your interest.

Once you have found the bet you wish to make, set up a LeoAlert. To do so, set the odds you want for a particular wager. Once you have confirmed your LeoAlert, go about your daily business. When the odds shift in your favour, LeoVegas will send a notification to your mobile device.

Then, strike while the iron is hot – after all, the odds could move again at a moment’s notice!

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