Maximise your football profits with LeoVegas BetBuilder

Promotion Summary
  • LeoVegas BetBuilder gives you the ability make 12-fold acca bets on a single game
  • Wager on game outcomes, goals scored, goal scorers, corners, yellow/red cards, and more
  • Eligible leagues/competitions include English Premier League, World Cup, Champions League, and others

There’s no game more beautiful than football. Often, a single goal decides matches. As such, a single miscalculation, a lousy pass, or penalties could determine the outcome.

Such uncertainty makes this sport thrilling enough on its own. Add in sports betting, and every Saturday becomes an event in itself. However, you could stand to make a bit more on your wins. Most teams in top leagues are evenly matched – you make a bundle, you’ve got to risk a bundle.

Acca bets make big wins accessible to the average sports fan. Below, we’ll tell you about a promo that allows you amass up to 12 bets in a single match!

How does this promotion work?

Every day, football fans win huge pots on bets made through LeoVegas BetBuilder. Here’s how it works: in a single match, you’ll have the option to make up to a 12-fold bet. In addition to the outcome of a game, you can wager on goals scored, yellow/red cards, and so on.

To win, you must nail every bet you make. We’ll be real – longer odds means this won’t be easy, but you’ll scoop a massive pot when you’re victorious. If you bet for fun, would you rather win £50 or £500? We know which side we’re on!

Inject some added excitement into your weekend – give LeoVegas BetBuilder a try!

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