Have an 888Casino account? Don’t forget to log in on 1 October!

Promotion Summary
  • Log into 888Casino on 1 October (and the first of every month)
  • You could be one of 26 lucky winners of BONUS CASH
  • Twenty players get £8, four get £88, and two will get £188

You like the idea of casino bonuses – you’re just too lazy to chase them. Or, perhaps, you’re far too busy. Fair enough – not everyone has the ambition or free time to spend countless hours gaming.

However, just because your life puts many promos out of reach doesn’t mean you don’t deserve them. That’s why 888Casino came up with their First of the Month contest. You won’t believe how EASY this contest is – scroll below, and we’ll show you!

How does this promo work?

On 1 October (and on the first of every month), 888Casino showers 26 players with £888. What did they do to deserve such a bonus? Did they deposit and wager through a bazillion times? No. Did they have to make 50 blackjacks the night before? Nope. Did they have to nail an 8-fold acca bet in the sportsbook? Absolutely not.

All these players had to do was… log in. Yup.

Can you handle the arduous task of entering your username and password? If so, you too could earn up to £188 in bonus cash! So, do some finger stretches, and perhaps some push-ups if you’re feeling spry.

Then, sign in to 888Casino on 1 October. If Lady Luck is in your corner, you may make the easiest £188 in your life!

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