Experience your favourite bands in style, courtesy of LeoVegas

Promotion Summary
  • Win a luxury trip to a music festival or concert of your choice, courtesy of LeoVegas
  • Every £50 you wager on selected slots earns you a raffle ticket (max 10 per day)
  • Two random players will win a VIP trip to a musical event, or £5,000 (their choice)

It’s been so long since you’ve been to a proper music festival. From what you can remember, Glastonbury was a smashing good time. The 1994 event was one for the ages. Oasis, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, and the Beastie Boys, all on the same stage?! Be still, my beating heart!

While you’re under no illusions that music is as good now as it was then, you’re still a fan. However, as a so-called responsible adult, you’ve got bills to pay. Spending money on concert tickets is way down your list of priorities.

LeoVegas wants to help you revisit your youth. Below, we’ll spill the details on a promo that could send you on a music-filled, VIP adventure.

How does this promotion work

Each week between now and 7 July, LeoVegas will be giving away two VIP bespoke music trips. Will you be one of them? Here’s how to put yourself in contention – play one of LeoVegas’ selected slots.

Every £50 you wager will get you a raffle ticket. You can earn ten every day – each week, you can stuff the ballot box with 70 entries. Win, and not only will you get VIP tickets, but you’ll also get to stay in a four-star hotel. No more leaky tents or dingy hostels!

Ready to let your inner music fanatic out to play? Hit LeoVegas hard over the next couple of weeks – good luck!

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