Be in the running for THOUSANDS OF POUNDS daily: join Zodiac’s Loyalty Programme

Promotion Summary
  • ALL players on Zodiac Casino are automatically Loyalty Programme members
  • Earn points with every bet you make, and perks get better as you ascend loyalty tiers
  • Benefits include better bonuses, birthday gifts, and personal VIP hosts
  • A 3x daily draw gives you a chance to win THOUSANDS of POUNDS

It feels good to be wanted. Unfortunately, customer appreciation only seems to be for the well-off these days.

This trend is apparent in the online gaming world, where casinos cordon off loyalty schemes behind virtual velvet rope. Bet big or bet somewhere else – that’s the subliminal message they give the everyday gamer.

Not all online gaming sites are like that, though. For instance, Zodiac Casino has a programme that welcomes all from day one. Follow us below, and we’ll tell you all about it.

How does this promo work?

Every gamer belongs to Zodiac Casino’s Loyalty Programme the second they make a deposit. From there, they can earn points with every wager they make. Play enough, and you’ll ascend the tiers. At Diamond, Zodiac will treat you like royalty, with birthday gifts being just one perk available at that level.

Even if only make it to Gold, you’ll still get better bonuses, priority assistance, and other cool stuff. This includes more entries in the trice daily jackpot draw, which could earn you THOUSANDS OF POUNDS.

Ready to get treated with the respect you deserve? Make an account on Zodiac today!

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