Everyone’s a winner with PartyCasino’s Cashback

Promotion Summary
  • activate cashback and a portion of each bet goes to your balance
  • 0.10% on slots, 0.025% on blackjack etc...

There’s nothing quite like the thrill that online gaming delivers. It gives you a shot at winning hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of pounds by clicking a few buttons. However, not every session goes smoothly – sometimes you lose.

This fact doesn’t make down sessions less crappy, though. However, PartyCasino offers a cashback scheme that can help take the sting out of losing. Check out the details below the fold.

How does this programme work?

PartyCasino offers all its customers an opt-in Cashback promotion. Once you sign up for an account and fund your bankroll, all you need to do is activate it. After signing in, click on Cashback on the top menu bar, then click on ‘Switch on Cashback’.

From that moment, a tiny portion of each bet you make as a credit towards your Cashback balance. PartyCasino sets 0.25% of bets on Instant Win games, 0.10% on slots, 0.025% on blackjack, and 0.05% on other games aside.

That isn’t all – on occasion, some games offer double Cashback. Play them, and you’ll reap twice the rewards for doing what you love.

As soon as your Cashback balance hits £1, you can move your cashback to your bankroll. After weeks and months of play, this can add up to a significant amount. Before you know it, you’ll have enough to treat your mates to a night of free drinks, or your partner to dinner. Smashing!

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