Inject some bonus excitement into your blackjack game at 888

Promotion Summary
  • each day £750 in bonuses are dealt to players
  • 12 bonus cards, 3 each of £25, £50, £75, and £100

No game on the casino floor is as fair as blackjack. It has the smallest house edge, but to realise it, you have to work for it. By employing optimal strategy, you can turn sessions into wins that others would lose.

Even still, every blackjack player will go through a dry spell that will make them question their ability. Knowing this, it’s important to pursue every bonus that an online casino makes available. Every day, 888 Casino doles out £750 in bonuses to customers – you’ll be a fool not to take advantage.

Below, we’ll show you how.

What is this promo all about?

Ever wonder why the 888Xtra Blackjack table is always busy in the 888 Live Casino? It is here where £750 in bonuses are dealt to players every single day.

Each day before play begins, dealers mix in twelve special cards into their decks. They are as follows: three each of £25, £50, £75, and £100. To get your chance to claim these prizes, take a seat at the 888Xtra blackjack table from 1 pm to 1 am GMT.

If you get dealt a card with a prize amount on it, you win it as bonus cash. Note: to withdraw it, you’ll have 90 days to bet through it 30x. With that said, we hope your upcoming blackjack session is a lucky one!

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