Earn easy money with Rolla Riches

Promotion Summary
  • rewards you for completing certain tasks
  • prizes include free spins, no-strings cash and more

Nobody likes a tightwad. This maxim is especially relevant in the online gaming world. With top sites earning more per minute than most make annually, what’s the harm in spreading the wealth?

The best online casinos have taken this philosophy to heart, offering their customers some truly generous bonuses. Rolla is among them – below, you’ll learn more about their mission-based rewards programme, Rolla Riches.

What is this promo all about?

Rolla Riches is a rewards programme that gives players various bonuses for completing specific tasks. By playing a particular number of rounds, betting a set amount of money, etc., you can earn rewards.

These prizes include free spins, bonus cash, and no-strings cash. It starts when you make your first deposit – once you do, you’ll get five missions to complete.

Don’t dawdle on them – you have a limited period in which to satisfy its requirements. Finish a few minutes too late, and the gift you worked hard for will no longer be available.

If you do complete your mission in the allotted time, Rolla will place your prize in the ‘Rewards’ section of your account. Don’t forget about it – you need to claim them within a set time. If you don’t, you forfeit them, so jump over to your ‘Rewards’ as soon as you win challenges.

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