Never get swindled by shifting horse race odds – only on LeoVegas

Promotion Summary
  • get the ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ on select races
  • ability to lock in the best price on horse of choice

Has this ever happened to you? On race day, you find a long shot horse at an unbeatable price – so you take it. After a bit of reading, though, you see they were available earlier at a higher cost. Had you known, you could have made out like a bandit.

In the 21st century world of sports betting, odds change constantly. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, book owners adjust their prices on the fly to maximise profits. However, not all sportsbooks aim to squeeze bettors for every dime they have.

LeoVegas has debuted a promotion that equestrian fans will adore – read on below for all the details.

What is this promotion about?

LeoVegas is presently running an ongoing promotion called Best Odds Guaranteed. In selected races, bettors have the opportunity to lock in the best price on whatever horse they choose.

All you have to do is select the ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ icon when filling out your bet slip. If you win with a 4:1 steed that was 6:1 earlier, you’ll get paid at the latter price. How’s that for customer service?

However, if you want to participate in this promotion, be sure to agree to receive communications, offers, and bonuses from LeoVegas. Do this before betting on the Grand National – you wouldn’t want to miss out on all that profit. Good luck!

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